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Yesterday ended with this glorious Barbie cake and forcing my brothers to watch Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Another year ahead! 

It’s my birthday today. 

Happy Birthday to Emmy, the best friend of best friends!

You’re my girl. 


A weird list of facts:

  • our song from since I was a Spark is "You Are My Sunshine." It’s incredibly lame but still makes me tear up.
  • The biggest fight we ever had we suddenly stopped yelling and realized my Dad and brothers had huddled up outside in the dark, trying to give us space/ trying to get away from us. 
  • she is allergic to penicillin!
  • we can watch Bridget Jones on any occasion. 
  • one time we drove all over town (for hours) looking for a pair of overalls Garrett could wear as part of a Luigi costume for a Halloween contest at school. She ended up buying this really expensive pair from a farmer’s supply store. I will tell this story at her funeral.